Startup Resources

Coming up with that one 'idea' is genius. To execute on the idea takes perseverance.

The key is to not try and do everything yourself. As an entrepreneur, stick to the few things that you do best....and for everything else, engage others to do the things that they do best. But, who you engage then becomes critical. As a startup you can't afford to not have the right talent around you. Much of 'success' comes down to the people you surround yourself with.

Most business at some stage will have to rely on a variety of services including legal, fund raising, tech development, branding and design, marketing, public relations, accounting and taxation, government agency etc. Often the challenge boils down to figuring out who does what, best. Compiled here are some useful resources if you are looking for any of these services.



A range of government agencies are involved with various aspects of conducting business in New Zealand. Fintech startups will also be bound by some specific laws and legislation that they need to comply with.



Depending on the nature of your startup and the stage it is at fintech startups need a variety of business services from the time of set up and right up to when its scaling up.



From seed capital to angel funding to venture capital, a startup is forever faced with the prospect of running out of capital. Access to enough funding to sustain the business can be critical.